Guess the Starting XI – Leagues Cup at LA Galaxy

Welcome back, everyone.

The Vancouver Whitecaps continue their Leagues Cup journey this Sunday in Los Angeles, as they face the LA Galaxy for the second time within the last month.

When these two faced one another at BC Place back on July 15th, Vancouver took a commanding 2-0 lead before the Galaxy went down to ten men in the 22nd minute, as the Whitecaps eventually saw out a 4-2 result.

Most recently, the Galaxy dropped their contest with Leon 1-0 midweek, so with the Mexican club in the driver’s seat, it all comes down to this match to determine the second team to come out of the group.

In terms of the Whitecaps specifically, it sounds like Isaac Boehmer is being called upon for a start in goal, which is bold to say the least. Otherwise, the club has confirmed that Ali Ahmed is out with his recurring foot issue from the Gold Cup, while Javain Brown is questionable. 

As a bookkeeping note, I recorded anyone who predicted a loss or draw as a correct prediction from the Leon match, I also accepted either 2-2 or 3-2 as correct results. If you have any issues with this, or have another suggestion, please let me know! 

Ok, on to rules and standings.

  • Predictions will be ‘valid’ if posted HERE (or more accurately, whichever is the correct match thread) before the lineup is officially announced, usually about an hour before kickoff.
  • You receive 1 point for every player you correctly guess to be in the Starting XI. You receive 4 bonus points for correctly predicting all 11 starters.
  • You get 5 points for correctly guessing Win/Lose/Draw, this doubles to 10 if you also predict the right score-line along with the result.
  • All this means, if you correctly predict the Starting XI, Final Score, and Winner, you can earn 25 points!
  • At the end of each half, the contestant’s lowest two scores of that period will be deducted from the cumulative standings

18 thoughts on “Guess the Starting XI – Leagues Cup at LA Galaxy

  1. 1-2 Whitecaps
    Laborda Veselinovic Martins
    Blackmon Cubas Schopf Johnson
    White Gauld

    I was wondering how scoring was going to go with the predictions!

    Win and we’re in sounds so simple. Is us playing in LA also considered neutral?! I feel like Vanni may throw in some unexpected mids for today, like Habibullah. I kind of wanted to put him in since I have no idea what today’s mindset is. Even Teibert could start.

    I would like the Whitecaps to win but also selfishly not win since I won’t be around to watch them if they play at BC Place in the next couple of rounds.The Caps making it all the way to finals would be…a surprise.

  2. White Cordova
    Gauld Johnson Schoff Ngando
    Blackmon Veselinovic Laborda
    Are we calling the result before shootouts or after?

    1. I would say after, but if Vancouver wins a shootout that is 1-1 at full time, for example, I’ll accept 1-1 or 2-1 Vancouver as a correct result.

  3. Caps W 3 1

    I need the caps to lose i dont want to have to go to another home game god forbid.

    Martins, ranko, blackmon, raposo
    Cubas, berhalter, shopf
    Vite, gauld

  4. Boehmer (for penalties??)
    Blackmon Veselonovic Martins
    Raposo Schöpf Teibert (c) Johnson
    Gauld White

    1-1, Caps win on penalties.

  5. looks like i should have read to writings first:





    1. Yes, thanks for spotting this. I remember thinking I had to go back and update your score but then forgot aha. You get 10 more for correct result + score. Updated now!

  6. Gauld Córdova
    Johnson Schöpf Berhalter Raposo
    Martins Veselinovic Laborda

    VAN 3–2 LAG

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