Report Card: Lock of the Week

Here are the grades from Vancouver’s 2-1 win over Austin FC.

Yohei Takaoka: 6.0

The goal was a little on the iffy side, but his distribution was once again very good. He was only forced into one other save. 

Tristan Blackmon: 6.5

He doesn’t look as though he’s over his injury just yet. He was very close to blowing the whole thing at the end, but he was also quite good in the air. 

Ranko Veselinovic: 9.0

Veselinovic was once again rock solid. His positioning and his aerial presence were immaculate on the night.

Luis Martins: 6.5

I can’t say he made a huge impression on me one way or another. I thought he did a good job of linking up with teammates in the build up, but I never feel that confident when he’s made to defend. 

Sebastian Berhalter: 8.0

I think Berhalter at wingback was a very good call. Raposo and Johnson as the wing-backs are a little bit loosey-goosey at the back, while Berhalter brought more defensive solidity and truculence. The only thing that’s really missing from him as a wingback is that he looks a little hesitant to take on defenders 1v1.  

Alessandro Schopf: 7.0

I was much happier with how Schopf played in this game. He did a good job of linking play in the middle, and was reasonably solid defensively. I would still like a little more in the final third, and for him not to run like he just stubbed his toe, but I’ll take this. 

Andres Cubas: 9.0

It’s incredible the amount of difference one player can make. Cubas made the defence so much more solid. He was a ball recovery machine in the middle of the park. 

Levonte Johnson: 7.0

He’s not the most polished player of all time, but once again, Johnson’s speed and physicality brought a different look to Vancouver’s attack. He did get beat defensively a few times but overall his impact was positive. He’s becoming a very useful and versatile player.  

Pedro Vite: 8.0

Obviously, the goal is very nice but Vite’s overall play was also very positive. His technique and secure first touch were extremely valuable in the build-up.

Ryan Gauld: 9.0

Gauld was a menace in the final third once again. His pass to Cordova for the second goal capped another fantastic game for him.

Brian White: 8.5


Sergio Cordova finally scored a goal! It looked like he was going to blow it, but he didn’t. Over the last 5 games, Cordova has averaged 0.58 xG+xA and 3.3 shots per game. Now, that’s a tiny sample size and it’s unfortunate to be looking for positives like this about your DP striker, but you can’t deny it’s a nice little trend. If he can keep that up the ‘Caps are in a good spot (that’s a sizeable “if” of course).

I think Ryan Raposo’s play also deserves a shoutout. He looks a lot better in a back four than as a wingback, which I think is because there’s a little more support for him when the team is in that shape. Finally, JC Ngando with another encouraging cameo! JC-Fever is sweeping the nation. 

6 thoughts on “Report Card: Lock of the Week

  1. hey Papa jo- i agree with you- brian white is our best striker- i admire his work rate, his connection with Ryan Gauld is terrific, but his misses in ratio to his quality chances has to be extremely high- he should be in double digits for goals, but just like wednesday night, he fails to put the ball in the back of the net- his wide-open miss from 3 yards out with 3/4 of the net open is shocking- if we had another striker to complement his work rate and who has 8-10 goals for the season, the Caps would be in the top 4 in the West Conference – there is a lot of pressure on White to score because, simply put, no other striker even comes close- he shouldnt have to be the #1 striker

    but isnt that the way its always been for the Whitecaps ever since Camilo left ?

  2. Some Comments from the land far away:

    1. Brian White- a conundrum of a players- works so so so hard all over the field, and yet his accomplishments are so soft where it counts… in front of goal– 6.0

    2. Levonte Johnson- does very well going forward, but is more of a lazy passenger when helping to defend- even a sloth can move faster when coming back to help the defence– 6.0

    3. Sergio Cordova- finally did it– its a miracle, even moreso when he has to maneuver to his left foot– luckily, he got away with it- good strikers can shoot with both feet and not take 5 seconds to get his shot off- 5.5

    4. Takaoka– not sure what is going on, but he looks susceptible coming out and then holding onto the ball- is it fatique ?? 6.0

    1. Wasn’t it Brian White that brought down the ball in full sprint to pass a perfect ball to Vite for the goal ? Was it not Brian White that got the ball to Gauld for Cordova ? He missed two headers on that was close and the other well totally missed that one somehow. If you take him out of the Caps it’s going to be a huge loss. LOL.

    1. Because he was, once again, a huge player for the Caps. When he is not around things do not happen. Assists, hold ups, press, hustle, missed goals LOL and lots of smiles.

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