Report Card: Debacle at LAFC Ends CCL Run

Well that was a disappointing end to the CCL run. Lots of things didn’t go to plan, but let’s take a look at the individual showings.

Thomas Hasal: 4.0

Thomas Hasal stepped up to the plate, replacing Takaoka in a move reminiscent of the last time Vancouver played an away CCL game. Unfortunately, the stakes today were much higher than being up 5-0 on aggregate and for a goalkeeper this is a bit of a lose-lose proposition. Long story short, it’s never a good day when you concede three goals, even when Carlos Vela is doing the scoring.

Ranko Veselinovic: 5.5

Veselinovic provide some respite in a pretty shoddy defensive display. Being the only natural centre back, he had a big role to fill but he definitely stood out. Ranko was able to intercept many dangerous balls. What really helped were his contributions in attack. In the first half especially, he was putting in lots of good passes in the box and was a threat on set pieces.

Deiber Caicedo: 5.5

Caicedo played a solid first half. The first of the duo of Colombians was positive with his passes, placing them for anyone on the wing to receive, and his dribbling was generally on point. Where he was let down was his finishing, as he only had one notable shot the entire first half which was a big miss.

Cristian Dajome: 5.0 

Dajome was not as productive. Playing almost a Caicedo-lite role, while he was more active with his running he did not offer as much creatively when it came to the attacks. Dajome’s problem of not deciding when to play a final ball continues to plague him and today was no exception.

Sebastian Berhalter:  5.0

Berhalter did a solid job in filling in for Cubas once again, aside from a couple of rash tackles. Being able to entice attacking play through long passes and good ball distribution, whenever the Whitecaps looked to be building something, Berhalter was at the centre of it. It’s a shame that the back line was so disorganized though, as maybe more could have been salvaged from this game if it wasn’t for the penalty throwing everyone off. 

Ali Ahmed: 5.5

Ali Ahmed showed his versatility by playing down the left flank today, a position often taken this season by Ryan Raposo. Ahmed, along with his compatriot Becher have impressed this year, and today was no different. Showing the importance of the Whitecaps 2 team, Ahmed is a shifty player whose agility allows him to dig deep but also track back in time to recover balls. Defensively he did a fine, although nothing outstanding.

Javain Brown:  5.5

Brown was the only defender to play 90 mins. He played a position familiar to him in college, being centre back and impressed with his display. He had a fair number of clearances and interceptions, and his tackles more often than not won the balls back for the Whitecaps. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been tried in this position yet, but if he continues like this it could be an option in a position the Whitecaps are increasingly thin at. 

Brian White: 4.5

Not much outside of some shots. Didn’t contribute too much as a number nine since he was dropped down a bit positionally. 

Ryan Gauld: 5.5

Gauld played decent today but the attacks were not fruitful. In a game where the Whitecaps had more shots and shots on target, there was no clinicality in finishing as the players were just not able to get past LAFC’s defense and goalkeeper. Outside of service, Gauld didn’t offer much in attacking threat. It was a solid display to the Scot’s credit, but a DP should be able to change the trajectory of a game in a position like the one the Whitecaps were in.

Ryan Raposo: 3.0

Raposo had his worst game in recent history for the Whitecaps. Recently lauded for his ability and work-rate, unfortunately his late tackle brought a penalty, and his errant dribbling caused the second goal to be set up. He was often spun around in the box as he struggled to adapt to the other side of the defence. It was a weird thing to see after him showing proficiency in the left flank. Maybe it was the nerves getting to him after being responsible for the first goal but it was not a pretty sight today.

Russel Teibert: 5.5

Teibert was lively today. Completing most of his passes, Teibert was putting in an impressive attacking display for his standards. A dangerous shot in the first half brought some life to the team and he was mostly successful with his passes. Rusty didn’t break out of his comfort zone as he tends to not do, but it was a positive display otherwise.

Julian Gressel: 5.5

Gressel came on and made an immediate impact. His ability to play pinpoint crosses alongside his terrific ball control and accurate shots makes him a threat to deal with. Definitely a highlight player of this match, if you can have one.

Jean-Claude Ngando: 5.0

Ngando played a decent match. Nothing to write home about. I’m assuming Sartini played him in order to maybe get some of that sub magic that worked against last round’s opponents, but no dice, outside of some shots. 

Tristan Blackmon: 5.5 

Something had to change quick when coming on in the second half. Being down 5-0 on aggregate was not a great place to find himself, but Blackmon was brought in to make sure that it didn’t get embarrassing. One goal conceded afterwards 

Pedro Vite: 5.5

Vite played a positive attacking game, putting in good crosses and free kicks when needed.

Mathias Laborda: 5.5 

Came in for the same reason as Blackmon, and did a good job. The real question is why he wasn’t in from the start. 


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3 thoughts on “Report Card: Debacle at LAFC Ends CCL Run

  1. i think we all can agree that- besides the rare flash- Dajome is just not going to reach another level- either he panics or gets overloaded with decisions and cant do the right pass or shot when it is presented- ITS NOT FROM LACK OF EFFORT, JUST LACK OF EXPERTISE

    his contract runs out december 31, 2024 !! he needs a fresh start, but at his salary, who would take him on his $816 000 hit ?? NOBODY

  2. the ratings for a lost game before the kick-off dont really have much value– i would just throw these away into the many Whitecap better-to-forget memory bins

    the real value will come vs Austin on Saturday- thats where the mustard has to be cut – get a point or points and this LAFC games will be quickly forgotten

    the BIG questions are — who will Vanni start and in what position, and what will be his road game tactics- press or sit-back and quick counters ? its a mystery with him,
    isnt it ?

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