Third Sub Episode 123: Whitecaps continue preseason, the CanMNT caps off big January window

In Episode 123 of the Third Sub Podcast, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan break down a busy week of news for the Vancouver Whitecaps and the CanMNT.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub Podcast presented by Macey’s Sports!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to chat all things Vancouver Whitecaps and CanMNT after a big few weeks for each of them.

First, they start with the Whitecaps, as they dive into a new acquisition, that of Sebastian Berhalter via trade from the Columbus Crew, before looking at a potential new signing, that of Andre Rawls, the goalkeeper currently on trial with the ‘Caps.

Then, they look at a departure (of sorts), as it looks like Kwame Awuah won’t be signing with the ‘Caps despite a solid showing on trial.

Afterwards, they look at the ‘Caps preseason games so far, and why it’s been ridiculous that both games haven’t been streamed, which is the sign of a bigger problem from MLS.

Lastly, to round off the ‘Caps chatter, they look at the news that former academy coach, Bob Birarda, has pled guilty to several counts of sexual crimes that occurred over his time at the club, seeing what impact that will have on the ‘Caps, who remain under investigation by MLS.

In the second part of the show, they then dive into some CanMNT chatter, looking back at a January window to remember for the team, one that has them one foot into the World Cup.

They start by looking at some of the individuals who made that happen, including Sam Adekugbe, Atiba Hutchinson and Alistair Johnston, among others, before looking at some other storylines that stood out from the camp.

Lastly, they finish with a fun question – what could this Canadian team’s ceiling be in Qatar?

Cover Photo via: Canada Soccer

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One thought on “Third Sub Episode 123: Whitecaps continue preseason, the CanMNT caps off big January window

  1. 1) I think streaming the preseason games would be good. During preseason the play is sloppy, the coach makes a huge number of changes to the team and it can be almost unwatchable. So, streaming would turn fans off.

    2) My sense is that fans WANT people to be fired over the sexual assault charges even if the FO follow all of the rules (as they were at that time) & did nothing inappropriate. For example I heard people say that when Birarda was terminate the Whitecaps should have told the next team he went to that he was a sexual predator. Because it was not proven in a court of law (until now) that would open the Whitecaps up to a massive lawsuit. People also forget the the team that Birarda coached after the Whitecaps admitted that they did not contact the Whitecaps about why Birarda was terminated. Why is no one calling for their FO to be fired?, Also the RCMP were notified but sat on their hand instead of launching a full investigation, why is no one calling for the officers to be fired? Honestly, there are a ton of people that should be fired over this, including the people that draft the policies.

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