The Third Sub Episode 64: MLS’s growing reputation and the transfer valuation process (Ft: Manuel Veth)

In the 64th episode of the Third Sub Podcast, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan are joined by Manuel Veth of Transfermarkt, as they dive into a wide-ranging conversation about North American soccer.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub Podcast!

In their latest episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time joined by Manuel Veth of Transfermarkt!

First, they dive into Manuel’s work at Transfermarkt, looking at how he and his staff calculate the famous transfer values that they’re known for. They also look at the volatility of those numbers, breaking down some of the different factors that might be considered when the evaluations are done.

Then, they take a look at MLS, and how the European market is starting to look at the league, especially in terms of the young talent it’s producing, as well as how the improved coaching of the league is being perceived abroad as well.

After, the talk then shifted to some chatter about the 2020 MLS playoffs and what it’s taught them, with some upsets and drama coming all part of an entertaining first weekend of playoff action.

They then dive into some chatter about the Vancouver Whitecaps, and what they can learn from these playoffs, before looking at some of what has plagued the club’s quest to be one of the top teams in MLS, a quest that has yet to bear the fruits that they’ve hoped to one day yield.

To finish things off, they then dive into some chatter about the Canadian Premier League and some of the transfer initiatives they’ve tried out, and what Manuel’s thoughts on their progress so far is. They also finish with some talk about Canada’s place in the North American soccer landscape, and what they have to do to keep up with the US.

You can find Manuel on Twitter @ManuelVeth, as well as in writing at Transfermarkt.

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