The Third Sub Episode 62: Analyzing the Vancouver Whitecaps year-end media availability

In episode 62 of the Third Sub Podcast, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan dive into the Vancouver Whitecaps year-end media availability, sharing some of what stood out from the ‘Caps final press conference of the 2020 season.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub Podcast!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to talk about the Vancouver Whitecaps and their year-end media availability, as the ‘Caps sat down and fielded questions after having complete their 2020 MLS season a few days prior.

First, they dive into the news that winger David Milinkovic won’t be returning in 2021, breaking down what this move means for the ‘Caps, while also exploring some reasons why he might have been the first domino to fall. They then talk about who might be next to move on, including a few names that some would’ve previously thought to be strong candidates to stay next season.

After that, they look at the news that Marc Dos Santos will be returning for his third year, sharing what they hope to see from him next season, including some improved in-game management.

Next, they talk about some transfer targets, as Axel Schuster spoke about who he and his staff are chasing, including a creative #10/#8, a left-footed winger, and more, with experience also being cited as something the club is looking at bringing in, along with some young DPs.

Then, they talk about the ‘Caps goalkeeping carousel, as they read in between the lines and deduce what they likely think that the ‘Caps will do in goal next year, as they head into it with Thomas Hasal, Maxime Crepeau and Evan Bush all on the books.

To finish things off, they look at the news that the ‘Caps have brought in 5 scouts to their recruiting department, before looking at the importance of getting your ducks in order off of the field before tackling things on it.

Lastly, they pick over the other bibs and bobs from the press conference, before finishing with a discussion on what the ‘Caps long-term plan should be concerning making the playoffs.

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2 thoughts on “The Third Sub Episode 62: Analyzing the Vancouver Whitecaps year-end media availability

  1. I’d love to see a shortlist of CPL signings you think the Caps should make.

    Personally, I’m high on Meilleur-Giguère. Very athletic, aggressive, and great on the ball. He really fits profile that MDS talks about wanting in a CB.

    Enjoyed the listen!

    1. Thanks for tuning in!

      We definitely have some names in mind, as well, so we’ll make sure to mention some who we think will fit in when we do an episode looking at potential targets and how the roster is going to shape up. There are players on all teams that could potentially make a bit of noise at a higher level, making them good candidates for a transfer

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