The Third Sub Episode 57: Analyzing the short and long-term future of the Vancouver Whitecaps with 4 games to go (Ft: 90Plus Podcast)

In the 57th episode of the Third Sub Podcast, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan are joined by Sebastian Pereira and Ben Righetti of the 90Plus Podcast for a special Vancouver Whitecaps roundtable, where they talk the short and long-term future of the club.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub Podcast!

In their 57th episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time joined by Sebastian Pereira and Ben Righetti of the 90Plus Podcast for a special Vancouver Whitecaps roundtable.

First, they took the time to dive into the most recent Vancouver Whitecaps game, a loss to LA Galaxy, sharing their biggest takeaways from that one. They chat about what went wrong, as well as their thoughts on the substitution plan both in that game and this season so far, especially considering how sporadic it’s been as of late.

After that, talk then shifts to the current state of the Whitecaps, and what the team can do to steady its ship. Some interesting discussion points are touched upon, including a very loaded question: Is it in the best interest of the ‘Caps to make the playoffs this year?

Once through that, they then take the time to talk about the identity of the team, as the ‘Caps find themselves at a bit of a crossroads stylistically and personnel-wise. They also touch upon the unique challenges of this season, and why the ‘Caps have already endured a bit of a change in philosophy due to how this season has progressed, opening some interesting questions ahead of the end of 2020.

From there, they also pose another loaded question: If you’re the Vancouver Whitecaps, what do you do with David Milinkovic and Fredy Montero this offseason? Milinkovic’s situation seems more straightforward, as bringing him in permanently seems like a smart move, but what to do with Montero?

To wrap things up, they then talk about the upcoming Whitecaps game against the San Jose Earthquakes, each giving a prediction for how they think the game is going to go on Saturday.

You can find Sebastian on Twitter @sebastianp74 and Ben @RighettiBen, as well as on the 90 Plus Podcast @90PlusPodcast. Sebastian’s words can be found at World Football Index, while Ben’s can be found at Last Word on Soccer.

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