The Third Sub Episode 52: Vancouver Whitecaps lose tough one to Sounders, try to bounce back versus Earthquakes

In the 52nd episode of the Third Sub, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan take a look at the most recent Vancouver Whitecaps game, a 3-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders, before looking ahead to their next game, a clash with the San Jose Earthquakes.

Welcome back to the Third Sub Podcast!

In their 52nd episode of the show, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to talk all things Vancouver Whitecaps after they suffered yet another tough defeat this past weekend, this time at the hands of the Seattle Sounders.

They look at what went wrong in that Seattle game, which was essentially a tale of two halves, in which the ‘Caps started strong, but fell apart in the second half.

After that, they look at the dubious officiating, which was unusually inconsistent, for both teams, before looking at what happened during the ‘Caps second-half collapse, as individual mistakes plagued them once again.

Then, they look at the quality of Seattle’s midfield, and what playing against it taught the ‘Caps, before looking at the age-old question, how can the ‘Caps keep more of the ball and avoid having to defend so much? Is it tactical? Personel related? A little bit of both?

Lastly, they look at their Third Sub of the Match, which for this one was Theo Bair and Patrick Metcalfe, giving one word for each of their performances, before wrapping up with a look ahead to the next ‘Caps matchup, which comes on Wednesday against the San Jose Earthquakes.

To finish off, they also give their predications for the ‘Quakes game, with Alex feeling especially confident after predicting the correct result and scoreline for the Sounders clash.

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Image Credit: Matthew Stith and Eric Goncalves/MLS

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