The Third Sub Episode 47: The Banc of California becomes ‘Banc of Nightmares’ for Vancouver Whitecaps in 6-0 loss

In the 47th episode of the Third Sub, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan break down a tough 6-0 Vancouver Whitecaps loss to LAFC, as they hop on immediately after the game to break things down, before taking a quick look forward.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time for a special emergency podcast, as they both elected to jump on the microphone right after a devastating 6-0 Vancouver Whitecaps loss to LAFC on Wednesday night.

After seeming to make some good progress in back-to-back wins last week, the first such time in over 16 months that they had done that, they took a step backwards against an LAFC side that has seemed to have their number in the last 2 years.

For the second time in 2 season, the ‘Caps suffered a heavy defeat at Banc of California Stadium, which has seemed to be more of a ‘Banc of Nightmares’ for the Whitecaps, who lost 6-1 to LA in the same stadium last season.

While the result itself was heavy, Alex and Sam look at the root causes behind it, as the defence took a worrying step back after looking good last week, and it cost them heavily.

Call it fatigue, travel woes, or blame the quality of opponent, the Whitecaps looked second-best for much of the night, and it led to a devastating result.

Once all of the raw thoughts of the match itself are out, Alex and Sam then try to extract some positives from this whole ordeal, such as things the Whitecaps could learn, as well as what they need to keep their eyes on ahead of a big matchup with Portland this weekend, before giving a nod to their ‘Third Sub of the Match’, which for this one, was Fredy Montero.

Very much still alive in the Western Conference playoff race, they need to make sure that they don’t dwell on this loss, which does count the same as all other losses, and bounce back with a win on Sunday.

It wasn’t a good match on Wednesday, no doubt, and they make sure to point that out, but at the same time, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, and now it’s up to Vancouver to sink or swim now that they’ve hit it.

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