The Third Sub Episode 31: Debating a best CanMNT lineup and answering the Canadian Olympic question (Ft. Peter Galindo)

In their 31st episode of the Third Sub, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan are once again joined by Peter Galindo of Sportsnet, who comes on the show to chat all things CanMNT, along with a bit of CPL and MLS. Here’s the second part of their chat, as they chat about their best CanMNT lineups, look at Canada’s upcoming Olympic qualifying conundrum, and speak about some under the radarCanadians who stood out at MLS is Back.

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Third Sub Podcast!

In their 31st episode of the show, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time joined once again by Peter Galindo of Sportsnet, in the second part of their chat covering all things CanMNT.

After kicking off the first part of their chat with talk of the new CONCACAF Men’s World Cup qualifying format, the play of Canadians abroad, and the importance of testing yourself in certain leagues, they continue their chat in this episode with talk of their preferred CanMNT lineup, share their thoughts about Canada’s upcoming Olympic qualifying conundrum, and finish with some Canadian Premier League and MLS is Back talk.

To kick things off, they go straight into the lineup chat, as they break down their ideal CanMNT lineup, from the formation right down to the players, position by position, arguing their cases for each selection they make across the board.

Alex, Sam and Peter all make some very interesting choices, so hear their justification for their choices and why, as they make some tough selections in this hypothetical situation, including some that may spark discussion amongst fans and media.

Once through that, they talk about Canada’s upcoming Olympic qualifiers, and the importance of making a dent in those, before looking at how their quest to do that will be helped by the play of young Canadians in both the CPL and MLS, giving Canada a strong potential U23 lineup.

Before wrapping things up, they also take a look at some CPL players to watch at the upcoming ‘Island Games’, from a CanMNT perspective, and dive into the play of some young Canadians at MLS is Back, such as Theo Bair, Tajon Buchanan, Zachary Brault Guillard, Thomas Hasal and more.

You can find Peter on twitter @GalindoPW, and in writing at and

If you’ve missed the first part of our chat with Peter, make sure to check out episode 31 wherever you find your podcasts, or click on this link to go straight to that article.

Cover photo via: Martin Bayzl/Canada Soccer

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