The Third Sub Episode 21: The ‘Caps Orlando question and a look inside MLS’s bubble (Feat: J.J. Adams)

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Third Sub!

For this 21st episode, Alex and Sam are joined by J.J. Adams of Postmedia, who stopped by the podcast to chat some Whitecaps and MLS.

To kick things off, they take a look at the latest Whitecaps news ahead of the MLS is Back tournament, which is now slated to kick off less than a week from now, and how the team has delayed their travel there as a result of some complications both at home and in Orlando.

With their opening day game against FC Dallas at risk of postponement, due to an outbreak of COVID-19 throughout Dallas’s roster, J.J. shares why the ‘Caps are playing things safe, and are now just waiting for the right moment to head down, which as of recording, appears to be on Saturday the 4th, now.

After that, they take a look at how a lot of the struggles with this tournament could have been avoided, mainly due to the league’s insistence on rushing things, and how it has made for an interesting couple of weeks.

To round off J.J.’s portion of the show, they then take a look at the recent creation of the Black Players coalition of MLS, and how important that having that committee give a voice to Black players. In light of the recent protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s a good way to give a platform for Black players, and help MLS push towards that ‘Soccer for All’ slogan that they’ve loved to preach about.

In the 2nd half of the show, Alex and Sam start things off with a look at the Canadian Premier League, and look at why news has been slow out of that league, before stating why they believe this recent silence could prove to be negative for the CPL as a whole.

To wrap things off, as usual, they then go ‘Around the World’ in their closing segment, giving them a chance to shout out the NWSL, K-League, Premier League, La Liga and more.

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