The Third Sub Episode 9: Analyzing the Whitecaps zoom call with Russell Teibert and Max Crepeau

Welcome back to this special bonus episode of the Third Sub!

In this 9th episode, Alex and Sam are back to break down the zoom call hosted by the Vancouver Whitecaps earlier in the week, where Russell Teibert and Max Crepeau held court with local media for nearly half an hour.

From a look at how Crepeau’s staying fit, to hearing how the team is staying together in these tough times and Teibert’s peculiar streaming habits, they look at how the team is coping in this unique time without MLS, as everyone patiently awaits its return once this COVID-19 pandemic is finally over.

They also set the table for next week’s episode, where they’ll have some tough subjects to tackle, with their being no shortage of news in Whitecaps, Canada Soccer and MLS land.

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