The Third Sub Episode 8: Who makes a Vancouver Whitecaps substitutes Mount Rushmore?

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Third Sub!

In this one, Alex and Sam are back, this time with Episode #8, as they break down the latest news in MLS, CPL and Whitecaps land. They start things off with a look at the latest updates from MLS, before looking at how the COVID-19 situation in both the US and Canada could impact the Canadian Premier League.

After that, they pivot things over to Whitecaps land, as they take a look over at how Axel Schuster is taking this time to ramp up his football operations, and how this break could help Vancouver in that area.

They then round this episode off with some Mount Rushmore talk, as they breakdown the MLS’s selections for the ‘Caps, propose a few of their own, and then elect a ‘Third Sub’ Mount Rushmore, honouring the best to come off the bench over the last decade of Whitecaps football.

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