The Third Sub Episode 7.2: A look at the short and long term future of the Vancouver Whitecaps and COVID-19

Welcome back to the latest episode of the Third Sub!

In this one, Alex, Keveren and Sam are back with the 2nd part of Episode 7, as they pivot their conversation to the Vancouver Whitecaps, and more specifically, the press conference held by CEO Mark Pannes and CMO Dr. Jim Bovard, which was held to discuss how the ‘Caps were handling the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Alex, Keveren and Sam share their thoughts on the conference, before taking a look at how the team could be affected in both the short and long term, on and off the pitch. From players to staff, from season’s tickets to youth development, there is no stone that remains untouched due to COVID-19, and Alex, Keveren and Sam do their best to turn them over in this episode.

They then round things off with a look back at better days, including some memories of their first induction to the ‘Third Sub Hall of Fame’.

For those who missed the first part of Episode 7, you can find that below.

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