Sweet Sixteen: Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs Seattle Sounders FC

Sweet Sixteen is a selection of shots provided by our very own BTSVancity photographers, who are on the field at most games, providing us with the awesome shots that we use on articles. In this edition, Keveren Guillou gives us sixteen of his finest from two weeks ago against Seattle, where the BTSVancity team had a pleasure to make it’s way down and visit the beautiful Century Link Field in downtown Seattle. For more photos, check out our Photos page: https://thethirdsub.ca/category/photos/ as well as check out our Instagram @btsvancity.

We got the pleasure to be able and go visit Century Link Field in Seattle as the Whitecaps took on the Sounders in another Cascadia Cup clash. It was a great experience, as the Stadium was a world-class facility, and everyone treated us well. On the pitch, it was a sloppy game, but a hard-fought one as both teams chased 3 points. In the end, it went to the home team, but it was a great night overall, highlighted by some of my shots here:

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