Between The Sticks x What’s Up Whitecaps Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with our friends over at What’s Up Whitecaps! They are a weekly podcast focused primarily on Whitecaps content, and they have been doing putting out some great shows with some interesting guests. We will be joining some of their episodes, as we will have a roundtable with the lads from their team, so keep posted for those. We will have a link to their content on our site, so feel free to check out some of their other episodes they have done so far, and keep posted for some of the new stuff coming out soon! It will be exciting for us to venture in the world of Podcasting, as we have mainly been written-based for now, so we are excited that the What’s Up Whitecaps team will be there to take us through it.

In other news, we have also added a page for Pacific FC on our site, so we hope to have content on them closer to the start of their season at the end of this month. We are very excited about the start of the CPL, and will follow along with pleasure! There has been some exciting signings and some great kits revealed, so we are very excited to see what’s to come.

We will also be hoping to step up the written content soon, as we have added two new members to our team, bringing us up to 6. As all of us are in University, it has been a hectic time as our terms come to an end, but we will be able to hopefully start to provide regular content soon, covering everything from Whitecaps to Pacific to Canada Soccer. We got lots of stuff planned, so it is an exciting time for us. It has been a great first two months, as we have gotten a lot of awesome opportunities and met a lot of great people. We are proud to have gotten nearly 6000 views, and are pleased to move forward and see what the future brings!

Latest Episode of What’s Up Whitecaps (All episodes can be accessed through here):

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