Guess the Starting XI – Match 34 vs. LAFC

Welcome back, everyone.

It’s the final matchday of the regular season! After a short break, the Vancouver Whitecaps will dive head-first towards the playoffs with a huge matchup against LAFC, one which will help finalize the playoff seeding in the West. For everything you need to know about the matchup, go check out our match preview.

In terms of availability for the Whitecaps, Andres Cubas is officially listed as questionable as he recovers from his shoulder injury, everyone else is available as per the official report. For Cubas, I would anticipate given the chatter this week at training that he sees the pitch at some point this weekend, but probably won’t start and might only play 20 or 30 minutes. We will just have to see.

As an administrative note, it was my thought that the playoff matches would simply be added on to the cumulative standings. But if you would like a completely separate playoff competition, or for me to track both individually, please let me know!

Ok, on to rules and standings as always.

  • Predictions will be ‘valid’ if posted HERE (or more accurately, whichever is the correct match thread) before the lineup is officially announced, usually about an hour before kickoff.
  • You receive 1 point for every player you correctly guess to be in the Starting XI. You receive 4 bonus points for correctly predicting all 11 starters.
  • You get 5 points for correctly guessing Win/Lose/Draw, this doubles to 10 if you also predict the right score-line along with the result.
  • All this means, if you correctly predict the Starting XI, Final Score, and Winner, you can earn 25 points!
  • At the end of each half, the contestant’s lowest two scores of that period will be deducted from the cumulative standings.

21 thoughts on “Guess the Starting XI – Match 34 vs. LAFC

  1. 2-2
    Brown Veselinovic Blackmon
    Sam Schopf Ali Berhalter Laryea

    White Gauld – Amanda May you be wrong on your Rusty prediction!

    1. sorry it’s Isabelt

      Brown Veselinovic Blackmon
      Sam Schopf Ali Berhalter Laryea

      White Gauld – Amanda May you be wrong on your Rusty prediction!

      1. Dagnabbit, I totally thought Rusty was going to start because they kept saying it was going to be his 300th appearance!!

  2. 1-1
    Brown Veselinovic Blackmon
    Raposo Schopf Teibert Laryea
    White Gauld

    Feels like it’s been forever since a match. Crossed paths with Cubas on the street last weekend. He is walking and phone holding just fine! Despite my score prediction, maybe White can catch up to get that golden boot today!!

    And yes, please keep the playoffs cumulative. Thanks!

  3. Dzirk’s predictions for starting XI for Match 34 vs LAFC:

    Brown Blackmon Veselinovic Raposo
    Laryea Berhalter Ahmed
    Schopf Gauld

    Final score: 34th consecutive predicted ‘Caps win 3-2

    Go ‘Caps

  4. Caps 4 2 W

    Brown, ranko, blackmon
    Lareya, shopf, berhalter, ahmed
    Gauld, vite, white

    Id love to see white get 2. 4 or 5 is too un realistic

    1. Looking forward to this one as I can rarely make it over from the Island but I will tomorrow!

      Caps 3-2
      Brown Ranko Blackmon
      Laryea Schopf Berhalter Ahmed Sam
      Gauld White

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