Coffee with the Caps, Monday July 31

Good Monday morning Caps fans, hope you all are recovering from a nice weekend and are mentally prepared for August to be here because, like it or not, its coming.

I have noted my ambivalence for Leagues Cup before in this column and I have to say, after Ranko Veselinovic exited Sunday’s clash with LA Galaxy with a right knee contusion, the notion of a rest for the boys was pretty appealing.

So, naturally, the Caps were able to turn a fairly uninspiring performance around late in the second half, first grabbing an equalizer off an own goal and then a late winner, polished off by Brian White after a half chance was flicked on his way.

The Galaxy were certainly the better side in this one, in part due to the individual brilliance of Riqui Puig. But they weren’t able to get a second goal and, particularly in the second half, were no better at creating clear-cut chances than the Caps, despite the lion’s share of possession.

There is a lot to be said for sneaking a win when you’re not at your best. And if we think of Leagues Cup as a dry run for the playoffs (which is probably the most charitable way to approach it at this point), then it was encouraging to see Vancouver not saying die and making the most of what they were dealt, particularly after a pair of centerbacks picked up injuries (Luis Martins was yanked from the XI after a warmup injury).

And it is nice to know that some of your depth pieces can step up when needed. I was less than impressed with Ryan Raposo and Mathias Laborda in this one but JC Ngando put in a second straight solid performance in midfield. Whitecaps 2 regulars Isaac Boehmer and Karifa Yao did what was needed when called upon to spell starters because of injury or fatigue (Boehmer in particular looked composed and made a big save late to deny the Galaxy a second goal).

The Caps deserved to advance on the balance and because of that, I am glad they did. And because they areĀ in the knockout stages, might as well give it a shot against Tigres in the next round.

This is for symbolic purposes as much as anything — the Caps were overpowered against the Mexican giant in the CCL when the two teams last met but, as we saw against Leon, this is a different team and one that will be less liable to get steamrolled by one of the top teams in North America. Not saying the Caps are on the same level as Tigres but it isn’t inconceivable that in one match they could pull off an upset.

And, worst case scenario, you still earn a couple weeks of rest before the run-in and a chance to get back up to full health.

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In case you missed the match and want to avoid rewatching a fairly uninteresting affair, our post match has you covered.

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One thought on “Coffee with the Caps, Monday July 31

  1. most soccer people dont know this bit of swangard history– one of my good friends was the lead person in exploring a complete revamping of Swangard for an MLS franchise – 25 000, underground parking, grass field – a different ownership group i believe- plans had been drawn up and were ready to compete against the greg kerfoot-led group

    but somehow- and at the last moment in about 2007-2008, the BC Government under gordon campbell, got the green light to get the MLS at a renovated BC Place Stadium and the ownership group- which is the same as today- got the MLS franchise for BC Place

    so the Whitecaps almost had an outside stadium until the BC Government intervened- it probably had to do with selling the BC Place Stadium renos (which ran to a tune of over $500 mill) to the public

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