Report Card: Ryan Gauld’s brace leads the Whitecaps to second straight win

Saturday night at BC Place, The Vancouver Whitecaps secured their second home win of the week with a 4-2 result against the LA Galaxy.

For Vancouver, it was an up and down match, as they jumped on the Galaxy early, scoring three goals in the opening 25 minutes, but followed that up with a nervy display over the final 60+ minutes while up a man, which made the match too close for comfort at times. Overall though, Vancouver had a whole whack of great scoring chances, hit the crossbar three or four times, and ultimately, thoroughly deserved the three point result at the final whistle.

Ok, let’s take a look at the individual grades:

Yohei Takaoka (6.0)

The Japanese keeper had a couple good moments commanding his area on Saturday, which was nice to see after recent struggles. The first goal against was a very tough ask with so much traffic in front of him. On the second, perhaps one could question if he could have done better on a tight angle shot. All things considered, decent showing.

Luis Martins (6.5)

The Portuguese defender has fared surprisingly well at centreback. The Galaxy strikers had a very quiet night, and while Brugman and Puig did grow as the match went on, their chances in advantageous positions were pretty limited. With Blackmon over-committing, Martins and Ahmed were put in a tough spot on the second Galaxy goal.

Ranko Veselinovic (7.5)

The stalwart defender for Vancouver has been in a great run of form recently. He was calm in 1v1 situations, very sharp with his passing, and had a few key shot-blocks.

Tristan Blackmon (6.0)

Since coming back from injury, Blackmon has looked a step off the pace. One of his strengths is his aggressiveness, but he’s overplayed his hand a few times now over the last two matches.

Andres Cubas (7.5)

Seeing the way Brugman and Puig came alive in the second half shows just how important Cubas is to Vancouver’s success. He’s a defensive monster.

Ryan Raposo (7.0)

A really nice match from Raposo, who’s found some form and consistent minutes with Javain Brown away and Martins moving back to CB. He had 4 key passes, including an assist on Vancouver’s opening goal.

Alessandro Schopf (6.5)

The Austrian has been moving up and down the pitch much better recently, which is encouraging. He was unlucky not to score, driving a powerful shot off the woodwork in the first half.

Pedro Vite (6.5)

A quiet match by Vite’s recent standards, he was removed with some muscular issues in the 50th minute, so hopefully he’s alright. Overall, Vite was the least notable of Vancouver’s midfield starters.

Julian Gressel (6.5)

Perhaps one of the reasons Vite was a bit quieter is the return of Julian Gressel, who commands a lot of touches entering the final third. Gressel looked like he’s had a hectic last couple of weeks, and was not as sharp as usual with his service, but I’m sure he’ll be back up to full speed by Friday.

Ryan Gauld (9.0)

Another massive night for Ryan Gauld who has been on an absolute tear over the last month or so. He had 2 goals, 3 key passes, hit woodwork once, and continued to combine very nicely with Brian White.

Brian White (7.0)

Speaking of White, the American found the score-sheet again, upping his goal total to 8 so far this season. Given the way the match played out, White was not very involved after the Whitecaps went up 3-0, and he only had 18 touches in total. Still though, a solid shift for the American.


The level of play from Vancouver took a real dip in the second half, so it goes without saying that removing Cubas and Vite for Berhalter (6.0) and Teibert (5.5) didn’t help Whitecaps’ cause. It was a tough situation for Michael D’Agostino when Vite had to come off, but obviously, it’s worth asking if adding another more attack-minded player might have been a better option than inserting Russell Teibert. Either Gauld could have shifted back into the midfield four, or Gressel could have tucked inside to make room for another wide player. Either way, it didn’t end up hurting the Whitecaps in terms of final result, which is good news. Ali Ahmed (6.5) was a needed boost when he made his return to the Whitecaps lineup in the 62nd minute, and both Deiber Caicedo (7.0) and Sergio Cordova (6.5) were positive inside the last 15 minutes, creating a goal at the death which ultimately sealed the win for Vancouver. Deiber, I would think, has earned himself some starts in Leagues Cup.

Overall, I don’t know how many specifics there are to take away from a match where Vancouver went up big early, and then sat back too much after going up a man, all without their manager on the sidelines. After a tough loss last weekend to Seattle, the Whitecaps did what they needed to this week, securing six points as they head into Leagues Cup. This team definitely has some minor defensive adjustments to sort out before the 20th of August where they’ll host San Jose, but they are in a good position in terms of the league, all things considered.

Alright, those were my thoughts on the match. What did you think? Are you excited for Leagues Cup? Let me know in the comments!

(Image Credit: Mark Zhuang)

10 thoughts on “Report Card: Ryan Gauld’s brace leads the Whitecaps to second straight win

  1. Your take on the way Teibert plays is true and it’s too bad. His style of negative possession doesn’t work for this team anymore. He’s lowest on the depth chart IMO. But Gressel, Schopf and White all struggled in the 2nd half

  2. I thought Cordova worked out quite well. The Caps were stuck in neutral / reverse before the subs started coming on. Ahmed was good as well. Gressel has had a fine season but he couldn’t do much right in that 2nd half

  3. Maybe a higher mark for Cordova. Now that he’s playing closer to Gauld well good things will happen. You know if you give the ball to Gauld and make a positive run you’ll probably get the ball back right where you want it

  4. I was trying to find words to describe that 2nd half. But you nailed it. I found myself shaking my head during the 2nd half quite sure the galaxy were going to get the equalizer

  5. i dont think it was all teibert’s fault for the second half melt-down- i have been in similar games where you get a comfortable lead, then slow down- you will never get the same intensity and focus back- then the other team starts a come-back- it happens with professionals and amateurs

  6. some rare and insightful comments.. Maybe–

    1. Ryan Gauld- 9.5- for the last 5 weeks, its all been about Ryan Gauld- he is So inspiring to watch, much like the great Cap legend of 1979, Alan Ball – he is leading the Team- and teibert should have the grace and wisdom to not take the captain armband anymore- its ridiculous and everyone, except russell, knows it

    2. Luis Martins– 5.0- makes some horrible passing across field – and it leads into counter attacks that are dangerous- luis is a tremendous crosser of the ball, however- but slow at coming back and its why teams come down our left side-

    we need a pacier defender at LB- HELLO AXEL SCHUSTER !!

    3. Takaoka- 5.5- give him lots of rest time- i think he is getting burned-out

    4. Veselinovic- 8.0- he is maturing and becoming more insightful and quicker to see where he should be in order to intercept the ball

    5. Schopf- 7.5- he is beginning to show us why he is important to the MF

    6. Brian White- 7.5- as usual, 4 good chances and he buries one – high work rate

    7. Vite- 5.5- seems tired — a good rest with lots of important games coming

    8. Cubas- 8.5- a Tank, a Destroyer- he has made us forget Matias Laba- and we have him locked up for another 4 years

    9. Blackmon- 6.0- looks rusty after the injury- we need his solid stuff again after the break

    10. Ahmed- 8.0– got to be a starter – just a fun player to watch- growing leaps and bounds – his poise under pressure is remarkable and his courage to attack is exciting

    11. Teibert– 3.5- MLS by-passed him 2 years ago- retire and put his name on the Wall of Honor

    12. Cordova- 6.0- its going to take another 6-8 games for me to change my mind… but i would love to as we need goals beyond white and gauld

  7. Yep the moment he came on that was when it came apart. I also think it’s absurd that Gauld gives him the Captains band. Teibert should just tell Gauld at some point, you are the Captain, I don’t want to wear the armband while you are on the field. I appreciate the years of service Teibert has given the team though. He is a club legend.

  8. Literally the moment Rusty stepped onto thr pitch things went way downhill for the Caps. It was like they moved to 10 vs 10 men once he ran onto the pitch. I counted 5 consecutive back passes. The dude was literally under zero pressure and still pushed the ball backwards. I want to like Tiebert, but this performance is very problematic… he changed the tone of the game in an intangible way that almost cost the Caps the 3 points.

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