Report Card: Whitecaps Draw on the Road

Yohei Takaoka: 9

This is exactly the sort of game that sub-par goalkeeping would have lost for Vancouver last season. Takaoka did not have to make any extremely difficult saves but he was competent and confident throughout. 

Javain Brown: 8

Brown had another strong performance at right-back. He was active defensively and, crucially, showed a certain level of danger going forward. Not necessarily a huge amount of danger, mind you, but Vancouver’s system opens up a lot of space on the right wing and you need someone there who can take advantage of that. 

Ranko Veselinovic: 7

He was under a lot of pressure in this match and mostly handled it well. But there were a few less-than-convincing clearances. 

Tristan Blackmon: 8

I felt Blackmon had a similar game to Veselinovic but was a little more solid in the air. 

Luis Martins: 5.5

I recall at least two high danger chances against that were a result of Martins. He failed to win a header off of a long throw in the first half and gave the ball away in the build-up to Fagundez’s chance in the second half. He did make a lot of tackles and whatnot but I don’t think that’s enough to warrant that high a grade.

Andres Cubas: 7.5

Cubas was back from injury doing what he usually does. He was very active in the middle of the field. He also chipped in with a couple of key passes and a dangerous long-range shot. 

Julian Gressel: 7

Gressel was also doing typical Gressel stuff. He took about a million shots and set up a couple of chances as well. 

Ali Ahmed: 8

Ahmed provided a lot of energy in the middle of the park. He was effective defensively and good at using his dribbling to get out of tight situations. 

Brian White: 5.5

White once again failed to convert a big chance. But that’s not so concerning to me as the fact that it was his only big chance of the game. If White isn’t active in the box, he’s not doing much for you. 

Ryan Gauld: 5

A distressingly quiet evening for Vancouver’s star man. He did generate a few shots but nothing high-danger. He missed a golden opportunity to slip Simon Becher in behind in the first half. 

Simon Becher: 6

I thought he suffered from the front three being quite poor overall, though his first touch did him no favours. He did have a good chance that he failed to convert, but I do kind of like having a striker who can provide some danger with his speed in behind defences. 


Pedro Vite struggled to make anything happen, he was not helped by Vancouver going into a bit of a shell for the last 15 minutes or so. Vanni Sartini defended subbing Dájome on for Gauld by saying he wanted to utilize his speed to exploit the frantic and scrappy nature of the game. I can sort of see how this might have worked. Dájome managed a long-range shot after a nice run through the middle of the park and had another potential chance but the ball died at his feet. So his speed was reasonably effective at leading to chances but he did not have the quality to make the most of those chances. This year Dájome has been walking a fine line between “overpaid for what he brings” and “unplayable.” That’s not a line you want to be walking. 

(Image Credit: Vancouver Whitecaps)


6 thoughts on “Report Card: Whitecaps Draw on the Road

  1. i would be happy to admit i am wrong about cordova and dajome should they do some inspiring play- dont see that happening

  2. I love how Dajome gets criticism no matter what. In the sentence that was critical of him his name could be interchanged with Becher, White, Vite, Gauld and Gressel. They all had their moments of mediocrity. Interesting how a player with limited minutes in the early season and now sidelined with a hamstring injury is the reason the Caps aren’t doing better. My thoughts are that Cordova can contribute and bang in some goals. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Will ya all do the same?…..

  3. well, we all know that we will never, ever get a true striker who can score every 2-3 games– we had one in camilo, but he got screwed over by the FO and he left for a good career in Mexico (and NO, i do not believe the FO about what happened)

    this team is just 1 player away- YUP that goal scorer- from being a very good MLS team and being in the top 4 in the West Conference- i thought the Team put in a good performance vs Austin- a point on the road is a positive- could have had 3 points with a true goal scorer

    it wont happen with this Ownership group who only want the investment returns from expansion and new TV/media contracts– their wallets are glued to their collective butts-

    getting Cordova was just plain stupid and i am amazed that so-called soccer experts in the FO got it so wrong on what he can do – his career professional rate is a miserly 1G/7 games- even white and becher are better than Cordova (as a side note, the FO got it right with takaoka, gressel, ahmed, becher, and did ok with martins, schopf, berhalter, laborda)

    the FO wasted $3 mill and a DP salary on Cordova- what could we have got if the FO didnt make a panic signing ?

  4. White and Dajome are untradeable in this league, unless the Caps are willing to eat significant chunks of their deals. Cordova’s season will be a wash out due to injury and fitness. They need to find another striker in the summer window.

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