The Third Sub Episode 72: A 2021 CPL USports Draft review and an ode to TSN 1040 (Ft: Ben Steiner)

In Episode 72 of the Third Sub Podcast, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan are joined by Ben Steiner, as they dive into a CPL USports Draft review, as well as some CPL chatter, before diving into the sad news that TSN 1040 is no more.

Welcome back to another episode of the Third Sub Podcast!

In this episode, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time to chat all things Canadian Premier League and USports Soccer, including the recent CPL USports Draft.

To do that, they’re joined by a very special guest, Ben Steiner, who specializes in USports coverage, and did some work for CanPLFantasy ahead of the draft, helping prepare mock drafts and scouting reports to help those looking to prepare for the event itself.

First, they chat about the draft itself, as Ben shares his draft day winners and losers, as well as his surprise picks and omissions. They also talk about the production of the draft, and how it can be made even bigger in the future, as well as the challenge that CPL coaches faced in scouting ahead of this draft, with there being a lack of USports games in 2020.

Next, they talk about the CPL itself, and share some thoughts on the league’s plans, including their bold claim that their 28-game 2021 season might even include fans in some stadiums. They also chat about the league’s U21 minutes rule, and how that could be amended, as its current iteration could actually end up hampering the prospects of some USports Draft picks.

Lastly, they get into the sad news that rocked the Vancouver sporting world on Tuesday, as it was announced that TSN 1040 is no more, in a surprising and disappointing move by Bell. They look at their memories from the station, and what sort of impact this shocking move may leave behind, as the sports media landscape sees another move that hurts an already suffering industry.

You can find Ben on Twitter @BenSteiner00, and in writing for 49 Sports, Alpine Canada, the Kingston Frontenacs and BTSVancity among others.

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