The Third Sub Episode 49: Reviewing the Canadian Premier League’s 2020 season and looking ahead to 2021 (Ft: AFCCurtis)

In the 49th episode of the Third Sub, Alexandre Gangue-Ruzic and Samuel Rowan are joined by Canadian Premier League YouTuber AFCCurtis, as they take an in-depth look back at the CPL’s ‘Island Games’ that recently wrapped up.

Welcome back to the Third Sub Podcast!

In their 49th episode of the show, Alex and Sam are back, as usual, this time joined by AFCCurtis, Canadian Premier League YouTuber extraordinaire, as they take the time to dive into an in-depth chat about the CPL.

To start things off, they take a look at OneSoccer’s broadcast during the tournament, and their thoughts on that, before taking a look ahead to what the league could like in 2021, as the CPL aims for a return to home markets for a full schedule next year.

After that, the chat shifts to the main subject of the day, the Island Games, as they go around the horn to hear Curtis’s opinion on each of the potential award winners, before then taking the time to take a look at each of the 8 teams and how they performed relative to expectations during this tournament.

Then, they take the time to chat about transfers, both in terms of the players arriving in the league and those leaving, as they look at how the league’s agreement with 21st club has raised the profile of the CPL for internationals, before then looking at some of the players that will likely join Tristan Borges and Emilio Estevez as high-profile departures this offseason.

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Cover Photo via: David Chant/Chant Photography

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