Welcome to the new-look btsvancity.com!

We have a new-look website, as well as some things to celebrate. So in this one, we say: Welcome to the new-look btsvancity.com, and thank you!

Just over 6 months ago, we kicked off btsvancity.com, officially creating our website on February 5th of this year. As we hit that 6-month milestone not long ago, we decided that it was time to revamp our website, giving it a new look heading into the next 6 months and beyond. A lot of our website has stayed the same, with all the tabs and sidebar widgets remaining as it was before, as the main changes were primarily to the overall layout and presentation of our content. 

It was unsure how long we would be invested in this project when we kicked it off, but after a great 6 months, we are more than excited to be continuing for the next 6 months and more. What started out as a small project to share thoughts about mainly the Whitecaps, it has given us at BTSVancity the soccer bug, as we have expanded our content to Canada Soccer, TSS Rovers and Pacific FC. While we focus mainly on the Caps and Canadian Soccer, we are excited to make the trek out to any games we can, or at least within what our university schedules allow us. 

The local media in Vancouver have been awesome to us, making us feel welcome from day 1. There were fears at the beginning that we would have to fight our way up through what can be a supposedly sometimes cutthroat industry, but everyone, from the big media outlets down to the little guys like us, has been extremely welcoming, interactive and helpful. For a couple of guys that had always interacted with the industry from afar but had never made the plunge, it was the exact kind of immersion that we could have hoped for. 

For all the readers, it’s been awesome to have you guys read and interact with our content, giving great feedback on the things we do. We would not be as motivated and eager to continue to do what we do if it wasn’t for you the readers, and we hope to continue to do our best to provide content that you can enjoy and interact with. 

We recently have hit a couple of milestones, and we also want to thank everyone for those. We hit 20 000 views on btsvancity.com last week, we hit 200 followers on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and we are around 20 away from hitting 500 followers on Instagram. Those numbers are pretty crazy for us to even wrap our heads around, so we are grateful for everyone that has taken the time to interact with us or our content on any platform. 

It will be an interesting period coming up for us, as university recommences. Some of us will be heading out East, and everyone will be busier overall, but we will continue to do our best to put out content. Those still remaining in Vancouver will still attend matches, as well as training when they can, while the ones far away will continue to write and attend events when it allows, not to mention that they will return back when the school year ends. 

So continue to check out our new-look website for content on the teams we cover, check out both the website and our Instagram @btsvancity to check out the work done by our amazing photographers, and interact with us on Twitter @btsvancity if you have an account. 

Thanks for the great ride so far, and can’t wait to continue. 

-Between The Sticks Vancouver

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